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Dato Abu Bakar Bin Said was born in Muar, Johor on 16th August 1947. He received his education in Parit Setongkat Primary Schools Muar Johor and Muar High School Johor. Start working with the goverment on 1st July 1968 as the Royal Malaysian Police Inspector Trainee. Upon completion of the training, he was assigned as an Investigation Officer in the Police District of Kota Baru, Kelantan

During his services in the PDRM, majority of Dato’ Abu Bakar tenure was with the Police Field Force (PFF), which is now called the General Operation Force. While serving in that branch of the force he had held command position , assuming the post of Platoon Commander and Company Commander of the 10th Battalion PFF, Kuantan. Intelligence Officer of the Southest PFF Bridget Kuantan.Battalion Commander PFF 19 Battalion Sungai Praq Pengkalan Hulu, Perak. Commandant PFF Training School , Ulu Kinta Perak and Commander PFF Central Bridget Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Apart from attending numerous tactical and jungle war-fare courses while serving in the PFF, Dato’ Abu Bakar has also attended the following command and managment courses:
- Intelligence and Security Course in the Templer Park Ashford, United Kingdom in
- Unit Commandant Courses at the PFF Training School Ulu Kinta Perak 1977
- Advance Patrol and Navigation at the PFF Training School Ulu Kinta Perak 1977
- Advanced Managment Administration Courses at INTAN in 1986

- Senior Staff Duty courses at Police College Kuala Kubu Baru 1979
- Diploma Course at the Armed Forces Defence College (MPAT) in 1985
- International Senior Command Course in Police College, Kuala Kubu Baru in 1989
- Diploma in Police Science at the Police College in 1990
- Methodlogy of International Training at INTAN in 1992

- Intensive Law at The Police Training College ,Kuala Kubu Baru in 1979.
- Company Commander Courses at The PFF Training School in 1981.
- A number of short courses and seminars in crisis managment during the post
commander of Crisis Managment Team Malaysia, the Middle Zone

He has also served as Sibu Police Chief, Sarawak in 1992-1996 and Commander of FRU Malaysia in 1996-1998, he was promoted to Senior Assistant Commisionar II where he was a Commander of the Central Bridgade, Kuala Lumpur.  During that time he was also directly involved in planning and managing security matters and activities of the country such as the Commonwealth Games and the Meeting of Commonwealth Heads of State (CHOGM)

Based on his experience and knowledge and the courses that he  has attend , SAC II Abu Bakar Said was selected by the United Nations to serve as Police Commisioner of United Nations in Angola in 1998 and 1999. This is the first time a Malaysian police officer was honored as such. On his return home on 3rd of August 1999, he assumed the position of Officer in Charge of Johor Bahru Police District and subseqently assumed the post of Deputy Police Chief of Johor. On the 16th August 2003, he retired from the service after having served the government for more than 35 years.

During this period , Dato Bakar was actively involved with the following bodies:

- PDRM Karate Association (National President)
- Malaysian Karate Federation (Exco Member)
- Johor Red Cross Association (Advisor)

For fondly appreciating his service and contribution for the country, Dato’ Abu Bakar was awarded several medals of the Federal Decoration medal JSM,PPSP,KMN and AMN. He was also arwaded the Medal PTS by Sultan of Perak. In 2003 he was awarded the Decoration DIMP by HRH Sultan of Pahang which carries the title Dato’.


Captain (rtd) Christopher Sivaprasad was born in Johor Bahru on 22nd February 1970. He received his early education at Saint Joseph School, Johor Bahru. His highest education is from Preston University, Masters in Business Administration. He served in the Royal Malaysian Air Force for 10 years. During the service he was assigned at RMAF Butterworth,RMAF Kuantan, RMAF Kuala Lumpur and RMAF Johor.

His expertise is in security, where knowledge is acquired in daily operations task and involvement in excersices with neighbouring countries in the FFDA ( Five Power Defence Arrangments). His last position was as Head of Operations  RMAF Johor. The main task is to monitor the instrusion of air operations with the army and police.

After early retirement he worked as a security manager in a multinational factory for a year and then served as Regional Manager with a security company.He will lead the Azam Armada Security Sdn Bhd companys operations division


Mr .Ganeas was born on 3rd August 1977 at Simpang Renggam, Johor. He completed his secondary education at Saint Joseph High School in Johor Bahru and futhered his studies in accounting at the University of West of England. After finishing his studies in accounting, he worked with accounting firm Sylvester Groves & Co. in Johor Bahru for 3 years.

With his effort , he has been entrusted as Head of the ’ Payroll Managment’. In 2001 he opened his own company which handles the managment of wages and human capital consulting.

Today his company provides services to the SMI companies and MNCs in the variety of industries . Mr Ganeas will lead the Azam Armada company financial and admin where his expertise and experience will become a company asset.


Mr Ryan Krishnan was born on 9th September 1970. He studied at Sekolah Dato Abdul Rahman Yassin and did his further studies at Institute Technical of Singapore . Upon completion of his tertiary studies he worked in Singapore as a Process Engineer in moulding industry.

His experience of 11 years in the same industry involves managing work force and technical support . Today he has been entrusted to run the operations of Azam Armada’s Johor branch in servicing the  MNCs from various industries i.e oil & gas , electronics and others.


Mr Logeswaran Thanabalan was born on 10th October 1976 at Tg Malim,Perak. He studied at Sekolah Menengah Slim,Slim River Perak and has did  further studies in Diploma and Degree Business Management at Tafe College  in Seremban and Binary College in Puchong. Upon completion of his tertiary studies he worked in Safeguards G4S Security Services, Petaling Jaya  as a Operation Manager and his biggest portfolio is  Shell,HP and HSBC.

His experience of 13 years in the same industry involves managing work force,Security solution and marketing. Today he has been entrusted to run the operations and Develop the marketing of Azam Armada’s KL/PJ branch in servicing the  MNCs from various industries i.e oil & gas , electronics,Warehouse and Residential area.